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2 Tier Status: Human Trafficking in the Land of Wood and Water

What is Human Trafficking?

Well, from the name, I could decipher that it was human beings being transferred from one location to the next. However, I never quite understood the gravity of it…  It was not until June 2014, when I got the opportunity to partake in the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Leadership Training session that I became aware of the National Integrity Action, a non-governmental organization combating corruption and building integrity in Jamaica. They presented a ten-minute video of an intercepted human trafficking transaction…

Jamaica was a transit and a source for human traffickers. Traffickers targeted women and children who were on the lower spectrum of the economic strata. They focused on victims who were already in abusive situations, prostitutes trying to make ends meet, and broken families from the most vulnerable communities. Human trafficking was a thirty-two billion-dollar industry, and every pauperized individual without any morals wanted a piece of the pie, and for those on the latter end of the trickling system that probably even meant the crumbs… (click to read more)


Being a ‘Good Girl’: Redefining the Female Role in Education and the Real World

The experience of growing up as a child of an immigrant, the first generation born in a new country, is unique within itself. You carry the expectations of the generation before you on your shoulders, whilst straddling cultural mores and differences on a daily basis. But I believe this circumstance has its own flavour when you are the child of a Caribbean parent…

Education isn’t just about books and a piece of paper. Education is about being able to operate in multiple social situations, about being able to use your skills wherever you go… (click to read more)