Age Specifications: 16 – 39 years old
 Guidelines For Submissions
What we are looking for in WRITTEN content:

Offer Solutions – How can young people mobilize to create positive and innovative solutions to the socio-economic problems that directly or indirectly affect them?

Raise Questions  Pose thought-provoking questions that challenge the social and political framework of society. Do not overpopulate the article with questions. The article should flow well and could even include your own responses to the questions you pose.

Call To Action – Challenge other young people, and the public in general, to take action. What initiatives can they take to better their society and to pose a resolution to the socio-economic challenges that community faces?


Submission Guidelines:

Articles should be 1500 words or less in length, written in paragraph form. We do not publish listicles.

Submissions should be double-space in Times New Roman or Arial, size 12 font.

Introduce the issue you are addressing in an easily digestible way, and note any context-specific details such as location, recent developments, or news stories that may not be familiar to all readers.

Ensure that your article offers a solution, raises a question, or calls readers to action. It should prompt readers to do something.

Your article should be accessible to a wide audience of young Caribbean people, and should not require extensive background knowledge of readers. Though not mandatory, we appreciate a conversational tone.

Provide sources for all data, statistics, and quotes.


 What we are looking for in VISUAL content (Photojournalism):
-Professional Quality
-Artistically Innovative
*If visual content is the main feature for your submission, we ask that you accompany it with a Title for the piece, Where the shot was taken, and How should we deal with the issue being displayed in the image. The word count for these types of submissions can be significantly less than those of written content submissions. However, no matter the length of your supporting explanation and solution please follow the same guidelines as in the written content section.
Editor’s Choice Stipends:
The good news is that we have received some funding that we will extend directly to our contributors. Two contributors a month will receive $25 US. The chosen articles would be the best written and of course those that follow the guidelines of what we are looking for in content.
Topics can include, but are not limited to:
Gender Equality
Youth Development
Youth Violence
Violence Against Women
Domestic Violence
Human Trafficking
We are always looking for content contributors so if you are interested please contact Lead Editor Claytine Nisbett at with your idea and/or article. **We also need PHOTOJOURNALIST. Content must be Caribbean youth or Caribbean gender-focused and solution oriented.
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