Claytine Nisbett (Lead Editor) is a community activist, author, blogger, entrepreneur, and an “encourager of women”. She gets joy in seeing other women progress and accomplish their goals. Due to this, she has coined the term “Ujima Woman“. An Ujima Woman is a woman who believes in the power of women working together so they can accomplish their individual and collective goals. She started Ujima Solutions Magazine a few years ago  to give young people within the Caribbean a voice to express their views on socio-economic problems that affect them. However, she felt it was important that they not only express their views but suggest the changes and initiatives they would like to see take place. With the relaunch of Ujima Solutions Magazine in July 2017, a few changes have been made to the criteria for submissions and the structure of the project that will hopefully help in its growth. She hopes via this project and her other ventures she continues to be a change agent in youth and gender advocacy and development.

Alicia Wallace (Proof-reading and Copy Editing) is a movement-builder, public educator, and writer. She is the Director of Equality Bahamas which focuses on women’s rights as human rights. An award-winning activist, Alicia is passionate about social justice work, leadership development, and public education. She sparks and sustains critical conversation about issues of gender, race, and sexuality, and develops new ways to engage and mobilize communities. Alicia produces Culture RUSH — a monthly newsletter fusing social justice, pop culture, and personal reflection — and you can sign up at She is a lover of books, black tea, long letters, snail mail, dessert, and unleaded Sky Juice (a Bahamian ting). Her favourite concept and saving grace is balance. She tweets as @_AliciaAudrey.

Nicole S. Hendrickson (Substantive Editing) has been working in the field of Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights for the over 20 years, it was the vehicle in which she got involved in youth work. Her passion for people has seen her work with persons at all levels. As a colleague said of her once she shows a level of knowledge, expertise, and ease in speaking to ordinary persons about difficult and highly personal topics. Her belief in the bottom-up approach has seen her be part of a few organisations in their start-up phase.